Fresh Produce

Baby Spinach Leaves 120g Box
$3.99 each
Basil Sleeve Ea
$8.95 per kg
Blueberries 125g
$9.90 each
Cabbage Chinese Half
$7.95 per kg
Choy Bok Bunch Ea
$3.95 each
Community Co Fresh Stir Fry 400g
$4.00 each $10.00 per kg
Coriander Bunch Ea
$2.99 each
Corn Ea
$3.95 each
Fc-Shredded Carrot 200g
Value Fresh
$2.95 each $2.36 per 100g
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 1 L
$5.99 each $5.99 per 100ml
Gg-Lh Basil (​Pot)
$3.90 each
Ginger P/​Kg
$13.95 per kg
Herbs Parsley Aust. Each
$3.95 each
Love Beets Beetroot Baby 250gm
$3.00 each $12.00 per kg
Low Carb Potatoes 1.​5kg
$3.50 each
Mandarins Honey Murcott P/​Kilo
$5.95 per kg
Oranges 3kg P/​P
$6.90 each
Oranges Navel 3kg
$7.90 each
Potatoes Brushed 2kg
$5.95 each
Pp - Mandarins 700g
$4.95 each
Pp- Red Onion 1kg
Value Fresh
$4.90 each $0.98 per 100g
Turmeric 100g
$5.00 each
Apple Royal Gala P/​P
$3.95 each
Cabbage Chinese Whole
$11.95 each
Cabbage Red Qtr
$3.95 per kg
Carrots 5kg
$9.90 each
Chokoes P/​Kg
$9.95 per kg
Comm Co Asian Bowl 230gm
$5.50 each $23.91 per kg
Comm Co Garden Bowl 180gm
$5.50 each $30.56 per kg
Comm Co Sal Kit Coco&​Chl 270gm
$6.50 each $24.07 per kg
Comm Co Salad Kit Mid Est380gm
$6.50 each $17.11 per kg
Community Co Thai Salad Kit 285g
$4.50 each $15.79 per kg
Coolibah Salad Leaves Baby 120g
$3.99 each
Coriander Fresh
$4.95 each
Dates Dried Medjool P/​Kg
$34.90 per kg
Dates Prepack 225g
$6.99 each
Df&​N-Fudge Allsorts 180g
$6.90 each $3.07 per 100g
Df&​N-Pineapple Rings 180g
Value Fresh
$5.00 each $2.78 per 100g
Df&​N-White Rocky Road 125g
$5.90 each
Dill Bunch Ea
$4.95 each
Figs Fresh Each
$3.95 each
Fire Wood 15kg
$15.95 each
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 500ml
$4.49 each $0.90 per 100ml
Fruit Salad Cup 2 Go Small
$4.50 each
Fruit Salad Tub Large
$6.00 each
Gg-Be Classic Evoo 500ml
Value Fresh
$11.90 each $2.38 per 100ml
Gg-Lh Coriander (​Pot)
$3.90 each
Gg-Lh Parsley (​Pot)
$3.90 each
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