V.I.P. Petfoods™ Paws Fresh Mince For Dogs & Cats Chilled Food 1kg

$7.50 each $0.75 per 100g


V.I.P. Petfoods Paws Fresh Minced Chilled Dog Food for cats and dogs contains meaty chunks that your pets will love.

Filled with essential nutrients including protein for muscles, and calcium and phosphorous for healthy teeth and bones.

Your pet gets the goodness of real meat fortified with thiamine and taurine to support optimal health, in an enjoyable chilled dog and cat food that will make mealtime more exciting for them and more convenient for you.

Proudly Made in Australia!

V.I.P range of chilled food includes dog rolls, pet mince and cooked meatballs can be found in the pet food fridge section.


Meat (Chicken, Kangaroo, Beef, and/or Lamb, and/or Pork)* Water, Flavour, Gelling Agents, Salt, Amino Acids, Vegetable Oil, Mineral Salts (source of Calcium), Natural Colour, Food Acid, Preservative (223), Animal Fat, Taurine, Thiamine.

Storage Instructions

Store below 4°C

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