V.I.P. Petfoods™ Supreme Fresh Steak Mince Adult Dog Chilled Food 800g

$8.05 each $1.01 per 100g


The V.I.P Petfoods Supreme Fresh Steak Mince gives your dog a taste of quality meat that they can enjoy.

Offering a blend of kangaroo and beef, this food is sure to suit your four-legged friend's preferences and nutritional needs.
With more protein content and added calcium and phosphorous, it supports strong muscles and bones, which is especially important for active dogs.

Add this steak mince chilled dog food to your pet's daily diet for more flavour and additional nutrient intake.

Proudly Made in Australia!
V.I.P range of chilled food includes dog rolls, pet mince and cooked meatballs can be found in the pet food fridge section.


Fresh Meat (Kangaroo and/or Beef and/or Lamb and/or Pork), Natural Flavour, Natural Gels, Calcium and Sodium Salts, Amino Acids, Natural Colour, Food Acid, Thiamine, Preservative, Antioxidant

Storage Instructions

Store below 4°C

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