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  1. Please come to our service desk in-store to pick up your order.

  2. Please come to our service desk in-store to pick up your order.

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At Khan’s Supermarkets, our priority is always serving our customers and the communities we operate in.
The team at Khan’s Supermarkets have been working tirelessly to ensure our customers have access to the products they need.

To help our community limit the amount of time in public places we are happy to announce that we have reopened our online shop.

We do still have strict restrictions on bulk purchasing and may not be able to supply your favourite products. We apologise for any inconvenience caused while we continue to respond to the unprecedented demand on our stores.

Due to the Circumstances sometimes we will not be able to fulfill or complete your orders due to shortages on certain products.

If you are having difficulty with ordering online please talk to us. Our email is admin@khangroup.com.au, we will endeavour to respond to your message as soon as possible.

We want to thank you for your patience and look forward to serving you online.